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Jeremy Horne

Jeremy Horne determined to fulfill brother’s vision

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Click to read the article Jeremy Horne's determined to fulfill brother's vision for Albany's South End - Albany Business Review
Corey Jones

Corey Jones – Developer behind The Seventy-Six

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Click to read the article Corey Jones, developer behind The Seventy-Six in Albany's South End, has died - Albany Business Review

America’s first triple net-zero development planned for New York

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New York-based Garrison Architects has joined forces with sustainable developers South End Development to create what they believe to be the very first triple net-zero mixed-use project in the United…

Triple Net-Zero Development Going Up in Albany

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According to Garrison Architects, The Seventy-Six is the first "triple net-zero (energy, water and waste) housing development in the United States."1 But the firm's new project in Albany, New York…

$250 Billion Forecast in Development

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SED is aiming to secure an estimated $250 Billion in Triple Net-Zero development contracts in Southern Califonia.

Modern Fine Living In The South End Perhaps

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A local developer proposes a large residential project where no proposal has gone before.  Well, it may finally have happened, what we’ve all, or most of us, have wanted to…

The Seventy-Six

The Seventy-Six complex explores new boundaries in sustainable development while being environmentally conscious and economically and socially considerate. The project location on Second Avenue is in the heart of the…