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The Seventy-Six complex is the world’s first triple net-zero development. This award-winning project revitalizes the community of the historic South End. The Seventy-Six complex explores new boundaries in sustainable development while being environmentally conscious and economically and socially considerate.

The project location on Second Avenue is in the heart of the South End neighborhood. The mixed-use Complex features healthy, smart, eco-friendly environments. As proof of concept, this project exceeds state initiatives in sustainability and creates new opportunities for the local community. The Complex promotes well-being for every resident, partner, and employee. The Seventy-Six project represents a more robust and balanced ecosystem that will continue to be a positive impact on future generations.

NYSERDA Buildings of Excellence

About The Seventy-Six

The Seventy Six includes modern, affordable housing and commercial spaces. Abundant green spaces for the community to congregate and enjoy the site and amenities, a pool, garden, and restaurant on its rooftops. The Complex is complemented by solar arrays, sleek wind turbines, and a state-of-the-art gravity reliant rooftop water collection that also connects to an aquaculture pond onsite. The Seventy-Six boasts above standard luxury amenities, including security, guest services(concierge), mail and delivery services, pool, and fitness center. A packaged suite of extended amenity services is available upon request for prospective corporate and luxury tenants. 

Its amenities will support The Seventy-Six and the South End community that has suffered from economic divestment for decades. From its modern grocery store and café to professional spaces and rooftop restaurants, The Seventy-Six will create a sea of change for the South End through this increased economic activity, equity ownership, and employment opportunities.

Development Highlights

  • The anticipated budget in excess of $100 million will create landmark buildings and employ hundreds of people, including union and MWBE Certified contractors.
  • Awarded the NYSERDA Buildings of Excellence Award a groundbreaking Triple Net-Zero low-rise complex.
  • All energy for heating, cooling, lighting, and appliances generated from the state of the art solar, wind, and water installations.
  • Total water consumption reduced to zero through modern water collection and filtering technologies, focused on re-use for toilets and irrigation, and zero landfill contribution. Waste will be recycled, composted, and incinerated onsite.
  • SED has applied for and anticipates potential awards from $10-20 million from the US Department of Energy.
  • SED is working with the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation to qualify for its Green Innovation Grant Program to receive $5-10 million in grant funding.
  • Fully integrated green spaces with abundant trees, grass, and ornamental gardens.
  • State of the art aquaponics farming that hosts live fish with vegetable gardens and incorporates the Complex’s water filtration system into the process.
  • High-Quality Affordable Housing 60-70% dedicated to Affordable Housing completely integrated and identical to its market-priced counterparts.
  • Discounts for Seniors, First Responders, and Veterans.
  • Modern, durable interiors with natural materials, sunlight, and critical ventilation.
  • Oversized windows and balconies with planters and irrigation.
  • Accessible amenities, rooftop gardens, and restaurants.

History of The Seventy-Six


The Seventy-Six

The Seventy-Six

NYSERDA Buildings Of Excellence Award Winner

NYSERDA Buildings Of Excellence Award Winner

Schematic Rendering Urban Oasis Concept

Schematic Rendering Urban Oasis Concept

Early Rooftop Concept

Early Rooftop Concept
Custom designed retractable rooftop first of its kind in Albany New York.

Early Render of Seventy-Six

Early Render of Seventy-Six
Building one of three.

The Seventy-Six Project Vision is Set

The Seventy-Six Project Vision is Set

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